Big Show returns on RAW

WWE Smackdown Live Tour In Durban

Tonight's episode of RAW got off to a very big start as Seth Rollins and Universal Champion Kevin Owens both opened the show.

Rollins made the huge reveal that the next person he wants is the man who cost him the Universal Championship in the first place, Triple H.

A big return

This would draw Owens out who had three announcements to make, the most immediate of which would be the revealing of who Rollins would face right there and then.


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He asked his opponent to come out and the future Hall of Famer the Big Show emerged.

Big Show hasn't been seen for some time in WWE as he has been filming other projects away from the ring.

However he came back tonight to take on Rollins under the orders of Stephanie McMahon and with Owens as his personal coach at ringside.

The match didn't go as planned for Owens though as Big Show would get tired of taking order and deliver the choke-slam to Owens.

He would then offer the champion up to Rollins as a sacrifice as he left the ring and forfeited the match via count-out.

Rollins would take full advantage and deliver the pedigree to Owens before leaving ringside.

With Big Show back however, it now poses the question of where he fits on the RAW roster and just who could become a future feud for him?

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