Red Wings mock Hurricanes for ice-related delay with 'D2: The Mighty Ducks' quote

An ice-related mishap forced the postponement of Monday night’s scheduled game between the Detroit Red Wings and Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh.

Apparently, according to, a Freon leak in the arena’s cooling system couldn’t be repaired in time to get the game started early enough to adhere to the NHL’s rules.

League rules stipulate that a game can’t start less than 22 hours before a team’s next scheduled contest. So, since the Red Wings are scheduled to play on Tuesday night, the delay in Carolina forced a postponement to a later date.

Whoever runs the Red Wings’ Twitter account had some fun at the expense of the Hurricanes during the delay, playfully mocking Carolina with a very appropriate quote from “D2: The Mighty Ducks,” just before the cancellation:

The quote, “What are you waiting for? The ice to freeze? Let’s play!” takes place when the movie squad’s coach leaves the team before a big game, forcing the team’s tutor to step in as coach at the last second. She then prods the referee into starting the game with the above line.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Carolina ice crew was waiting for, and it didn’t freeze in time to fit in the scheduled game.

A makeup date has yet to be announced, but it will likely need to be made up at some point. Both squads are in the Eastern Conference playoff race, with Carolina in a three-way tie for the No. 9 spot with 33 points and the Red Wings sitting in 12th with 32 points.

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