Marcus Foligno fixes hair during hockey fight

Buffalo Sabres v New Jersey Devils

Fights are pretty commonplace in hockey matches. Two opponents usually throw the gloves off and mix it up, which fans love. It’s very rare to see something truly memorable during one of these slug-fests.

Marcus Foligno of the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL decided that a fight with Florida Pathers player Shawn Thornton was the best time to fix his hair. The footage is truly amazing as both men skate around each other before getting down to brass tax.

Kevin Weekes and Mike Johnson were calling the game and found the entire exchange hilarious. They both nearly keeled over with laughter after Foligno took a moment to adjust his hairstyle before knocking Thornton to the ice.

From an outsider perspective, getting that hair out of the way is a practical move in a fistfight. Having vision obstructed could be the factor that loses you the fight, but it does look extremely cocky to an opponent.

The sport has been trying to minimize the prevalence of fighting for a few years now as the NHL pushes to market hockey to new audiences. Moments like this one keep cropping up and the fan interest is still there despite the league’s best efforts.

More people will be getting to know Buffalo’s left winger after this dust-up hit social media and television. His father was a famous NHL player and his brother plays in the league for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The only way this could have been more entertaining is if he would have tried his father’s famous “Foligno Leap” after besting the competition.

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