Watch: Brook Lopez puts his twin brother Robin on a poster with huge jam

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets

There is something extremely intriguing about brotherly love in the NBA, even more so when it is twins involved.

Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez are two big, powerful centers who operate in Eastern Conference, but they may slip under the radar to the casual viewer.

Brook was an All-Star back in 2013 while Robin has bounced between five different franchises since entering the league as the 15th overall pick back in 2008.

His brother, Brook, was only five picks higher, but he has remained with the Brooklyn Nets for the entirety of his career and is, arguably, the last true remaining asset they have.

The two brothers played alongside each other at Stanford university, but last night, they were facing each other on the court as Robin's Chicago Bulls entertained Brook's Nets.

Thanks to a last-second Jimmy Butler jumper, the Bulls came out on top 101-99 at the United Center and Brook had a team-high 33 points for his side, while Robin had 12 points and five boards.

However, the standout moment came when Brook put Robin on a poster with a big one-handed jam. Zero brotherly love here.

Only a few weeks ago, Markieff Morris brutally blocked his twin brother, Marcus, on his way to the rim. Robin had no such luck this time around.

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