Utah Grizzlies and Colorado Eagles duke it out in penalty box

Utah Grizzlies v San Antonio Rampage

In hockey, a fight can escalate pretty quickly. Professional hockey makes an ‘effort’ to curb the fisticuffs on the ice with penalties, but all fights are not created equal.Sometimes there are confrontations that can catch the officials off guard.

Over in the ECHL, the Utah Grizzlies and Colorado Eagles had a match and one such incident broke out.

Teigan Zahn from the Eagles took on Alexandre Carrier of the Grizzlies and the fans were whipped into a fever by their extended altercation.

Carrier made his way to the penalty box and was joined by his teammate Jon Puskar shortly after entering the box.

Puskar is known as a pest in the minor leagues and proved his reputation when he was jawing with an Eagles defenseman while the door was open.

Michael Sdao had no tolerance for the young player’s mouth and decided to hash out their differences right there in the penalty box.

Carrier was forced to come to the defense of his teammate and collared the defenseman.

The crowd then decided to pelt the officials with various objects for trying to separate the players. After the game, Sdao received a fighting major and a game misconduct for “fighting off the playing surface.”

Now fans know that penalty exists and are probably waiting for another instance where it can be called again. There is no telling when they could have another chance to see something so wild, but in hockey everything is on the table.

Maybe they should invest in a super penalty box for these types of offences.

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