Furious Indianapolis Colts fans have had enough of Andrew Luck being wasted


The Indianapolis Colts are not in the Playoffs. While Connor Cook and Matt Moore made it to the postseason, Andrew Luck was sat on his sofa watching them.

The three-time Pro Bowler and former number one overall pick has all the talent in the world and is definitely worth the six-year, $140 million he received at the start of the season, but the Colts have failed to put anyone else of similar quality around him.

And that hasn't sat well with the fans in Indy, who are now taking things into their own hands to finally get their feelings across to ownership.


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One die-hard fan was so upset with the direction that the team looks to be heading in that he or she decided to do something about it, leaving a sign at Colts HQ with one very clear message: stop wasting Luck.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the sign is "likely an angry response to Irsay's reported decision to keep coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson."

Grigson has been under pressure for at least two years now and hasn't appeared to do anything, on the surface at least, to give a reason for why he should keep his job. Poor drafting and debatable roster moves have left fans fed up.

The Colts have gone 8-8 the past two years. Andrew Luck is now 27-years-old. If Indy don't want to waste his prime then change has to come. The fans can see that, it's just Jim Irsay that cannot. 

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