NHL players freak out as Brock Lesnar accidentally steps on their logo

NHL teams have a history of being pretty particular about their logos and where they appear.

For the Winnipeg Jets, they have their logo right in the middle of the locker room floor, which is problematic because no one is supposed to be stepping it.

Players can get pretty rattled when somebody crosses that boundary even when that person is Brock Lesnar.

One of the WWE’s biggest stars attended Winnipeg’s game against the Calgary Flames and by all accounts enjoyed the 2-0 victory. He picked a great game to come down to the arena and enjoy with his family.

Down in the locker room, nobody forwarded the memo that you’re not supposed to step on the logo.

Everybody proceeded to give him the third degree about being anywhere near that circle with your feet.

In his defence, he had no idea, and really how could he? This is a really obscure rule that isn’t being helped by poor carpet placement decisions.

Nobody is really going to step to The Beast Incarnate and even attempt to put him in his place. Even a professional hockey player is not going to win that fight.

The best course of action is to put the logo on the ceiling away from dirty shoes and physical specimens alike.

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