See: Dwyane Wade's expert response to reporter spelling his name wrong

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks

Dwyane Wade has been around the NBA in some capacity for almost 14 years now and there are still people in the media who can’t even get his name right.

His name’s rather strange spelling can catch most casual fans off-guard, but reporters who have been covering the league usually catch on pretty quick to the quirks of names around the NBA.

Saturday’s contest between the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings came down to a controversial call that Wade received the benefit of the doubt on.

He went up for a dunk to give his team the lead and missed badly. DeMarcus Cousins was in the general vicinity and got assessed with a personal foul even though it looked like he barely touched the shooting guard at best.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News sent out a tweet that was critical of the refs and how the three-time champion’s reputation might have saved his team in that crucial moment.

Wade fired back on Twitter when he saw the news and first corrected the reporter on how to spell his name correctly and then just kind of alluded to the fact that sometimes you are just on the wrong side of things.

Sometimes those huge calls go in your favor and sometimes they don’t, but the former Miami Heat has been around long enough to see both sides of that struggle.

There are always going to be weird moments with the refs, but you have to let it go and get ready for the next one.

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