Watch: Justin Bieber destroyed by NHL legend Chris Pronger during All-Star celeb game

Pop singer Justin Bieber never misses an opportunity to show off his actually pretty decent sports skills, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him take part in the NHL All-Star Game Celebrity Shootout.

What was surprising, however, was a play where NHL legend Chris Pronger lined Bieber up and drilled him into the glass during the contest.

Though both parties were smiling after the hit (Pronger was also smiling during the hit), Bieber probably has a newfound respect for what NHL players go through on a nightly basis.

In the video below, the pop star gets an up close and personal view of the glass, courtesy of the legendary Philadelphia Flyers captain:

Even though Pronger hasn’t played since 2011, the NHL Hall of Famer can still hit, as Bieber discovered. The 5’9″ singer was no match for the monstrous 6’6″ legend.

Afterward, Pronger said the hit was all in good fun, according to Both Pronger and Bieber laughed it off as the game continued:

“You don’t want anybody to get hurt out there or to do anything too crazy,” Pronger said. “We were trying to have fun and make it entertaining.”

A photo of the hit, which can be seen below, went viral. It shows Pronger laughing as he delivers the blow to the Biebs:

Credit to Bieber for taking the hit like a champ. He’s actually a solid hockey player, too, scoring an empty-netter in Team Gretzky’s victory.

Here’s hoping Pronger and Bieber play up their budding “rivalry” ahead of next year’s All-Star festivities.

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