McLaren have teased the new colour of their 2017 car


The cold winter air has been set ablaze by a streak of orange flame as McLaren tease fans on social media with the possible return of the classic paint from back in the day.

Speculation was further escalated after racing director Eric Boullier revealed in an interview that “exciting changes” were being planned for the MCL32, McLaren’s new car, and that he wanted those changes to be “kept secret” until the car’s unveiling on February 24th.

Away from the nostalgic tease, Boullier went on to explain the staff shake-up within McLaren’s racing crew, which has seen David Redding announce his intention of jumping ship to Williams after twenty years at Woking, with chief mechanic Paul James set to replace him in the summer and Andrea Stella brokering the team’s relations with the FIA.

Kari Lammenranta will ascend to the post of Chief Mechanic, with Marc Cox succeeding him as Fernando Alonso’s number one mechanic.

Boullier believes that “Formula One is all about changes,” and that it “drives our sport.” He also emphasized that change has been responsible for McLaren’s success since the 1960s and it was change that “transformed McLaren from a race team into an international, multi-faceted technology group.”

True to his word that McLaren will keep changing, McLaren announced in February that they would no longer be using the MP4 car-naming system, hailing this year’s car as the MCL32, while Jost Capito finally confirmed his exit at the start of the month.

Monaco Grand Prix

McLaren also made the switch from ExxonMobil, who joined Red Bull, as their fuel suppliers, opting for oil juggernaut BP instead.

With all the changes, will McLaren succeed immensely this season?

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