Watch: Dallas Stars make incredibly embarrassing blunder against Ottawa Senators

Winnipeg Jets v Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars thought they were making a smart play on Thursday night, pulling their goalie off the ice to go 6-on-5 on a delayed penalty.

However, that statistically sound decision quickly went horrendously wrong as the Ottawa Senators ended up with one of the strangest goals of the NHL season.

When the delayed penalty was signaled, the Stars set up a makeshift power play behind their own net, but when they attempted to bring the puck out of their zone, disaster struck.

In the video below, Jiri Hudler takes the puck out of the Dallas zone, but tries to dump it back to a teammate behind him. Unfortunately for Hudler, no one was between the puck and the net and he could only watch as the puck slid gently into the net to put the Senators ahead 2-0:

In a game the Senators went on to win 3-2, that own goal (which was actually credited to Ottawa's Chris Kelly, who was the last Senator to touch the puck.

Ironically, if any Senators player had so much as grazed the puck during the play, it would have been over and no goal would have been allowed. Literally the only way for the Stars to give up a score in that situation was an own goal, which is exactly what happened.

For a team that's fighting for its playoff life like Dallas is, a mistake like that could be big when the end of the regular season comes around.

Even if it doesn't come back to bite them, it's safe to say the Stars will be much more careful with their delayed penalties in the future.

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