Sidney Crosby nearing historic 1,000 point mark

Despite playing in just 47 games this season, Sidney Crosby currently leads the league in points with 60.

With exactly 30 goals and 30 assists, Crosby has been at the top of his game and has done so relatively quietly and without much fanfare.

When he entered the NHL, Crosby was unfairly and prematurely labeled as the next Wayne Gretzky. Fast forward a decade and you can wonder what his career would have become if he hadn’t suffered so many concussions along the way.

Nonetheless, Crosby still isn’t 30-years-old but is just two points away from reaching the hallowed mark of 1,000 career points.

With those two points, he will become the eighth active player to pass that threshold, joining Jaromir Jagr, Henrik Sedin, Jerome Iginla, Joe Thornton, Marian Hossa, Patrick Marleau and Alexander Ovechkin.

Crosby will be the youngest player on that list.

While Wayne Gretzky’s record of 2,857 will be out of reach for Crosby (and probably everyone in the future), the question becomes how many points Crosby might end up with when he eventually hangs up his skates.

Assuming that he passes the 1,000 mark somewhere in the next couple games, he will have done so in 11-and-a-half seasons.

But, considering his history of concussions and the general fact that he’s never played a full, 82-game regular season, it’s important to not make lofty assumptions.

Mike Coppinger of USA Today made a realistic prediction.

“Let’s say Crosby plays 10 more seasons at a more realistic average of 55 games per season (bringing him down from his career average of 64 due to age) at an average of 1 point per game. That would net him 550 more points, in addition to whatever point total season he ends this season with — we’ll peg that mark at 1,037 (1.33 x 29).”

In summary, “That would bring Crosby’s career total in the year 2027 to 1,587. Using today’s leaderboard, he would fall at No. 11, sandwiched between Phil Esposito and Ray Bourque.”

While that would fall short of the insanely high expectations that he began his career with, the former Stanley Cup champion and gold medalist will go down as one of the best players of all-time, especially if he avoids any more serious head injuries along the way.

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