Why Holly Holm is unhappy with Germaine de Randamie after UFC 208

  • Rob Swan
UFC 208: Holm v Randamie

Holly Holm suffered a controversial defeat to Germaine de Randamie in the inaugural UFC women’s featherweight title fight on Saturday night.

The 35-year-old American’s loss sparked fierce debate on social media about whether de Randamie should have had a point deducted at the end of the third period after landing a ferocious punch - out of a combination - on her opponent after the buzzer.

Referee Todd Anderson decided against penalising the Dutchwoman, despite the fact the blow clearly wobbled Holm.

The Telegraph have described the decision not to act as a “gross error” and many UFC fans in social media were in complete agreement.

As was Holm, herself…

Video: Holm caught by De Randamie after the bell

As you can see, Holm was clearly caught by her opponent after the bell.

Holm unhappy with De Randamie

And needless to say, she wasn’t happy about it after the fight had finished.

“A lot of times with the first one they give a warning,” Holm is quoted as saying by NESN. “That’s kind of normal. I wouldn’t expect them to take a point after the first one, even though it was intentional. Then the second time you’d think at that point they’d do something, but I’m just one of those people that feels like I should not let her done it anyway.

“Yes, it was after the bell. I heard the bell, I stopped and she threw it. It wasn’t like the last punch of a combination when the bell rang. It was intentional. It was after the bell. I mean, some of her best shots of the whole night were after the bell. I don’t know how the judges saw that. If they see that as points for her then what can you do?”

De Randamie insists it was accidental

De Randamie, however, insists she didn’t mean to catch Holm with supposedly illegal punches.

“It was an accident to hit her after the bell, it was never intentional,” the 32-year-old, nicknamed ‘The Iron Lady’ said. “It was just the heat of the moment. I am not that kind of fighter.”

UFC 208: Holm v Randamie

Holm: I've lost respect for De Randamie

But Holm admits she’s lost respect for her victorious opponent.

“I guess I’d say (I’ve lost respect),” Holm added. “I mean, it’s still a fight. I know she’s not in there trying to be my friend either. But next time, I’ll just be ready to throw back.”

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