Baron Corbin destroys Dean Ambrose inside the Elimination Chamber


The return of the Elimination Chamber brought with it a lot of promise, but more importantly, a new WWE Champion.

While Bray Wyatt was victorious in the match and left with his first ever WWE Championship, arguably the most impressive performance came from Baron Corbin.

Lone Wolf runs wild

The Lone Wolf began the Chamber match inside one of the individual pods and would become the fifth man to enter the match.


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John Cena and AJ Styles got things started and were eventually joined by Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt before Corbin made his mark.

In the five minutes before the final pod opened, Corbin would decimate his four opponents until finally, the 10- second countdown would begin to introduce the Miz.

While Corbin was waiting for Miz however, he would be rolled up by Ambrose and would become the first man eliminated from the match.

Following his elimination, Corbin would launch a vicious attack on the Intercontinental Champion in which he would throw him into the chain link surroundings of the Chamber several times.

After using the chamber itself to punish Ambrose, Corbin would also throw him through one of the individual pods as he made Ambrose pay for eliminating him.

Once Corbin finally left, The Miz would take advantage and eliminate the Intercontinental Champion from the match.

It is unlike Dean Ambrose to leave something like this alone so could we see the Lone Wolf and the Lunatic Fringe on a WrestleMania collision course?

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