Borussia Dortmund fans had terrifying items taken off them by police this weekend


Borussia Dortmund fans have one of the best reputations in Europe.

Their famous 'Yellow Wall' contributes to a brilliant atmosphere at the Westfalenstadion, and it's won the BVB faithful plenty of admirers.

However, in recent weeks, it's fair to say their standing has taken a bit of a hit.

The German Football Association warned that the club would be punished severely for the crowd trouble that broke out during their recent game against RB Leipzig.

Initial reports suggest that the south stand which boasts the Yellow Wall will be closed for their next home game, while Dortmund also face a fine of around €100,000, per the Mirror.

Against Leipzig, supporters threw objects and beer cups and waved banners reading 'Slaughter the Bulls' - a reference to their opponents' financial backers Red Bull.

Sadly, this doesn't seem to be a one off. That wasn't the first time there's been trouble at one of their games this season, and it might well not be the last either.

Terrifying arsenal

Goal report that prior to Dortmund's game away to Darmstadt, police had to prevent 90 of their fans from attending after they were found in possession of a number of alarming items.

Two coaches carrying the supporters were stopped en route, at which point weapons, balaclavas, drugs were confiscated.


Combat gear, flares, and smoke bombs were also found.

Dortmund speak out 

As you'd expect, Dortmund have moved to condemn the fans in question, issuing the following statement:

"Anyone who travels with balaclavas, smoke bombs and combat gear in the name of Borussia Dortmund abuses the colours and values of our club and its 10 million friends and fans in Germany.


"Together with them, we stand up for the open and peaceful fan culture that we want to see in and around the stadiums week after week.

"Anyone who fully shares these values is still warmly welcomed."

While it's clearly a minority who were involved, it's a worrying hark back to the kind of hooliganism nobody wants to see on the terraces in the modern game.

Should Dortmund be punished again for their fans' behaviour? Have your say in the comments. 

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