Fans ridicule Paul Pogba for secret handshake with his mum on Instagram


When you're the most expensive player in world football, you're bound to attract plenty of attention.

But even if Paul Pogba was worth just £1 million, his unmistakable and ever-changing hair, combined with his social media antics would grab your attention anyway.

The French midfielder is just over half-way through his debut season as the world's most expensive player after moving back to Manchester United from Juventus for £89.3 million.

And while things did not start as well as he would have ideally liked, the 23-year-old has since settled back into life in England and has been at the heart of United's current 16-game unbeaten run that has seen them come within touching distance of second place.

He has seven goals in all competitions this season, but his overall impact on the game has been noticeable to the fans that watch him weekly. Still, it's hard not to think what he could or should be doing if he is worth £89.3 million.

Instead of getting extra time in at the training ground to work on his game and justify his price tag, Pogba spends his spare time simply having fun.

He seems to have a handshake for just about everyone, and he even has special dances with teammate Jesse Lingard. Well, now you can add his mum to that list.

Pogba posted a video of a special handshake that he and his mum share with the caption: "Best handshake ever😂🔥 ❤ #pp #neverfollow #pogfamily"

He loves an emoji that man.

In today's world, there is nothing on social media that is universally well received - it just does not happen.

As you can see by some of the excerpts below, plenty of football fans jumped on Pogba's Instagram post to comment on Pogba's priorities, amongst other things.

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Is Pogba not allowed a life? Apparently not according to some of these trolls. There was plenty of appreciation for the warm relationship he shares with his mum, but it seems no post can go without some idiotic trolling.

The next time Pogba will take to the pitch will be this Thursday night against his brother Florentin as United battle Saint Etienne in the last 16 of the Europa League.

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