Conor McGregor cancels expensive event in Ireland to fly to Las Vegas

UFC 205: Press Conference

Fans in Ireland are sure to be disappointed with Monday's news that Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor had to cancel a meet-and-greet event in Dublin.

The reason for the cancellation? McGregor is reportedly flying to Las Vegas, where he has other obligations.

According to, McGregor could be doing one of two things in Vegas - meeting with boxing star Floyd Mayweather to discuss a potential mega-fight or meeting with Dana White at the UFC headquarters do discuss a return to the octagon.

The UFC is based in Las Vegas, so even though McGregor isn't scheduled to return to the octagon until this summer at the earliest, productive talks could happen this week that may lead to setting a date and opponent for his next fight.

Also, McGregor could be heading to Vegas to get his Nevada boxing license. He already has one for California, but it's likely that any fight with Mayweather would occur in Sin City.

Clearly, there's a lot that could happen in terms of McGregor's future this week, and speculation is sure to run rampant during his trip. However, at this point, that's all it is - speculation. Nothing is definite at this point and nothing seems to be particularly close to being finalized.

Though McGregor's home-country fans are sure to be disappointed in the cancellation of the expensive event, they'll likely forgive their countryman if the Vegas trip leads to an announcement of his next fight.

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