Alex Burrows gets into fight with two Sabres players

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames

Sometimes when you get into a fight, you wind up biting off a bit more than you can chew. To go along with that, when you get into a fight in the NHL, you better be well aware of your surroundings. If not, some pretty brutal hits can wind up happening.

Unfortunately for Vancouver Canucks LW Alex Burrows, he found this out in the worst of ways. While playing against the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday, Burrows got mixed up with the opponent's goalie, which not only resulted in him taking a few hits but making the goalie's teammate pretty angry as well.

Don't believe it? Just watch the huge hit that Burrows winds up taking after he and the goalie are separated by the referee below.

Via SBNationNHL:

It doesn't get much more brutal than that, and it seems that the whole "don't touch the goalie" unspoken rule in hockey came into play here. Sabres' Justin Falk immediately came to the defense of his goalie and did so by completely steamrolling Burrows.

It was one of those moments in sports that you had to know was going to be an instantly hot highlight, but one that Burrows also probably should have known was coming. You don't just mess with a team's goalie and get away with it without some type of a fight from the other teammates. Better yet, Sabres G Robert Lehner seemed to be fully prepared to defend himself, and actually may have been the one who started the fight.

In the end, it was Burrows who wound up getting the last laugh, as his team not only won the game 4-2, but he also scored a goal and tallied an assist as well.

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