The Patriots have already trademarked their next Super Bowl slogan

New England Patriots Victory Parade

The New England Patriots are Super Bowl 51 champions, which we all knew already. While there's been plenty of fun for the team after the win, including parades, interviews and SportsCenter appearances, there's also been quite a few other stories which have grabbed our attention.

This time, it's all about what the Patriots are actually doing away from the football field, and the fact that they seem to be somewhat obsessed with trademarking different slogans. Yes, literally it seems like this is never going to end.

To make matters even worse, the Patriots are not only filing for a new trademark, but it's probably one of the worst they've attempted to trademark yet. And believe me, they've trademarked some pretty lame ones.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the franchise is filing to trademark the slogan "The Blitz for Six."

The story behind what that means doesn't really need an explanation, and maybe it's just me, but it's hard to be a fan of this slogan. Obviously, trademarking slogans isn't something new for the Patriots, as they've just recently trademarked "19-0" and "Perfect Season," both of which were surrounding events that happened close to nine years ago, per ESPN.

To go along with that, Steven Ruiz of For The Win pointed out that the team also filed to lock in "No Days Off," which is what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick attempted to get the crowd to chant at the Super Bowl parade.

While many may actually hate the newest slogan of "The Blitz for Six," it's probably a pretty safe bet that the Patriots don't care what anyone thinks. They also don't have to, because they're just rolling right along and winning Super Bowls. Even with that said, fans should probably prepare to see these slogans all over t-shirts, jackets and anything else you can imagine in the next few months.

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