Matches cut short due to timing issues at Elimination Chamber


Sunday's Elimination Chamber event brought with it two significant title changes for the superstars of Smackdown.

While Bray Wyatt and Naomi both captured titles that have eluded them for years, reports following the events have claimed there were some timing issues during the show.

Last minute changes?

As per RingsideNews, the report put out following Sunday's event claims that there were inconsistencies in the Elimination Chamber match itself, and also in the Smackdown Women's Championship match.


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Claiming that during the Chamber match, the rule of a new superstar entering every five minutes was disregarded comes with some weight behind it.

The report states that superstars would enter the chamber match anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute earlier than they should have.

The timing constraints didn't just make changes to the Elimination Chamber match, but they also impeded the Women's Championship match.

Naomi claimed the title from Alexa Bliss, but the ending to the match was far from smooth as the final exchanges didn't seem to land as well as intended.

Much of the rough finale was overlooked by the fans who were busy celebrating Naomi's long awaited title win.

If the final two matches of the night were cut short, it is likely due to earlier matches running over and with long matches like Randy Orton vs Luke Harper and the tag team turmoil match taking place earlier in the night, it is not hard to see why.

Despite the timing issues, the main event on Sunday night kept the fans in attendance enthralled and produced a fitting end to the show.

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