Kevin Owens turns on Chris Jericho on RAW


It was billed as the Festival of Friendship, but what was supposed to be a special night for the best friends of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, turned into a night from hell for Y2J.

The United States Champion Jericho threw a huge party for the Universal Champion complete with a magician and questionable artwork.


While Jericho did a lot to impress Owens, his favours were returned with hostility as Owens would officially turn his back on his now former best friend and attack him live on RAW.


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Owens would launch a savage attack on Jericho, resulting in Y2J being taken to a local Las Vegas medical facility.

Owens' temper however may have all come from the return of one of WWE's most questionable superstars from the attitude era.

Jericho issued a summons to Goldberg while in the ring and instead, they were given the WWE parody of him, Gillberg.

Owens wouldn't even allow Gillberg to enter the ring however, taking him out while he was still on the ramp.

Owens would then claim to have a gift for Jericho - an all new list, however this, was the List of KO.

The only name on the list was Jericho himself and Owens would then proceed to beat down his former best friend.

Suffering a powerbomb onto the ring apron, Jericho's night would end badly at the hands of the man he has called his best friend for several months.

While the fans booed the Universal Champion like never before, thoughts wandered to what they had seen of Owens throughout the night.

A cerebral Saboteur

One shot of Samoa Joe arriving on RAW showed that he came with a special friend, none other than Triple H - who requested a private conversation with Owens.

The two were later seen talking backstage - before Owens would turn his back on Jericho.

Next week's episode will surely see the Universal Champion go on to explain his actions towards Jericho, but it would be quite a surprise, if Triple H wasn't involved somehow. 

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