Barcelona stars laugh at Neymar's bizarre new moustache ahead of PSG clash


When you tune into Barcelona's game agains Paris Saint Germain on Tuesday night, keep an eye on Neymar as he will be sporting a brand new look.

The Brazilian is no stranger to wild fashion choices, and ahead of the Champions League knock out stages kicking off again he's taken it to a whole new level.

Barca arrived in the French capital on Monday night and enjoyed a quick training session to keep them lose and limber.

But one thing had the players in hysterics, and thanks to a video from Deportes, we can see that it was Neymar that had them rolling around on the floor.

See, the 25-year-old has decided to grow a moustache. And it's not just a regular moustache, he's exercising his full hipster credentials by growing a handlebar moustache.

The first picture of his new facial hair style made its way onto social media with the caption "Bigodeira", which translates into moustache in Portuguese.

Check the picture below to see it in its full glory, though maybe scroll past if you're having your breakfast.

It's hardly full and lustrous...


And upon seeing the forward's new look, his colleagues just couldn't help themselves and descended into fits of giggles at his expense.

Both Luis Suarez and Gerard Pique seemed particularly amused, with the Uruguayan frontman pointing and alerting others to Neymar's dodgy facial hair.

Whether Neymar will keep the look in time for kick off remains to be seen, but for now it's a hilarious insight into what goes through his mind when it comes to his style choices.

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