FIFA gamer's theory on how to pack the best players on UT takesover Reddit


FIFA 17 is one of the most popular football games of all-time at this point, and the Ultimate Team mode - FUT to the players - has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Essentially, FUT is a game mode where you build your team through random packs of players where the results can either be incredibly frustrating or overwhelmingly surprising.

Unfortunately, the former is more common than the latter and fans have been trying to figure out a formula behind the opening of packs for a while now.

But is there a sweet science behind it? Reddit user Potatoplayer believes that there is, and using himself and four of his friends as a case study, he has a theory.

He states that in no way are his findings guaranteed or official, just trends that he and his group of pals have discovered over a period of time. Still, he makes some compelling points.

His logic is as follows:

"Case 1. You get better pack luck when barely playing FUT
Case 2. You get better pack luck for having a negative record (more losses than wins)
Case 3. You get better pack luck when not playing for a period of time"

So why would the almighty EA devise this formula?


"Case 1. They want you to start playing FUT (chance of more FIFA points purchases)
Case 2. They want to prevent that you stop playing FUT (again, chance of more FIFA points purchases)
Case 3. They want you to start playing FUT again (think its obvious by now)"

The user backed up his logic by explaining how his friend with a terrible record snagged some incredible picks.


"This is what I mainly see online and 1 friend of mine falls in this category as well. It just catches my eye that pretty much 9 out of the 10 sick packs I see online and on this reddit are from people with terrible records.

"You should pay attention to it and you will most likely see the same results. That 1 friend of mine is a terrible FIFA player compared to most of us and his record is very bad. He packed Suarez and Aubameyang on the same day a while back!"

Of course, it stands to reason that EA would want to level the playing field by giving more good players to users with poorer records and scarcely handing out talent to users with better records.


Furthermore, it's entirely plausible that they would use this as a means to entice gamers back. There certainly is some logic in what he says, but what are you to do? Intentionally make yourself have a bad record? That kind of defeats the object.

Or, sporadically play FUT until you get yourself a good team? That sounds very time consuming and frustrating.

Although we can see the logic applied, we're not sure how useful his conclusions are. However, it's caused a major storm on Reddit and there are over 400 comments on the thread and counting.

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