Joe Rogan takes back statement about Ronda Rousey beating male UFC fighters

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Ronda Rousey has had a rough couple of years - there's no denying that.

Once a dominant force at the top of her sport, Rousey has lost her last two fights - one to Holly Holm and one to Amanda Nunes.

However, back in her heyday, Rousey ruled the UFC, causing commentator Joe Rogan to proclaim that he believed if Rousey faced off against men in her weight class, "she might be able to beat 50 percent of them."

According to, Rogan walked back those comments during the most recent episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast:

“I’m not happy that Ronda Rousey lost but in a way, it makes things easier because there was a bunch of f***** people going, ‘Oh yeah, what about Ronda Rousey?' And I made the mistake saying - hyperbole. I’m the master of hyperbole, I exaggerate all the time - I was like, ‘She could probably beat half the men bantamweights in the UFC.’

“That’s definitely not true. I shouldn’t have said it at the time, now it’s definitely not true. She could beat a few that aren’t good outside the sport. Look, if she gets guys on the ground she could f**k a lot of people up. Her Judo is 100 percent legit, her armbars are amongst the best in the business, but people were always saying that. Thank god now that she’s lost everyone’s relaxed with that.”

Now, the question isn't about Rousey beating men of a similar weight class, it's whether she'll ever fight again. After her loss to Nunes, she's been quiet about her future plans.

This certainly won't be the last time Rogan has to walk back controversial, outlandish statements he makes - after all, like he said, he's the "master of hyperbole."

Hopefully, though, Rogan will be able to have more outrageous opinions on Rousey in the future. The UFC just isn't the same without her in it.

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