Capitals' Andre Burakovsky mistakes random car for Uber, still gets ride home

Washington Capitals v St Louis Blues

Sometimes, you just need to get a ride back home. Fortunately, the popular company Uber has made it a whole lot easier (and cheaper) to get a ride home from wherever you are.

While many people have to pay for Uber's, Washington Capitals forward Andre Burakovsky apparently decided to skip the whole Uber thing, and just grab a ride home with a completely random person.

Don't worry, though, he wasn't trying to skimp on having to pay for the Uber, he just actually thought that the car he hopped into was an Uber, according to the Washington Post. It definitely wasn't, but fortunately, the guy who's car he got into was more than happy to give the player a ride back home and made sure to get a post up on Instagram about the experience.

The man, Manny Nicolas, posted about the epic experience, and even drove the Capitals forward back to Northern Virginia, apparently.

The forward from the Capitals @andreburakovsky thought my car was Uber. You know I had to drop him off #epicnight #thecapitals #NHL

First off, it was nice of Nicolas to help Burakovsky get home. Second, it was even more awesome that both of these guys seemed to just take the whole thing in stride. Nicolas could have easily freaked out that a random guy just decided to hop into his car, but fortunately, that didn't happen.

On the flip side, Burakovsky could have just jumped out of the car and been a bit embarrassed, but he seemed to be completely cool with it all (at least judging from that picture above). But, the forward got home safely, thanks to the driving of his fake Uber driver, Manny Nicolas.

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