Chelsea stars take on real life FIFA 17 skill game


Before a match starts in FIFA, we get to test our ability in various skill games.

These drills test our dribbling, passing, crossing and shooting as we get ready to face our opponent.

But which drill is your favourite?

We thoroughly enjoy the ‘passing bin challenge’ - well that’s what we’re calling it anyway.

You know the drill where there are three different size bins as you test your long passing ability and attempt to get the ball in them? Yeah, that one.

Well, it seems as though the Chelsea players like that drill as well.

That’s because they took part in a real-life FIFA challenge by playing that very drill.

It was Team Belgium - Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois and Michy Batshuayi - vs Team Rest of the World - N’Golo Kante, Kurt Zouma, Nathaniel Chalobah.

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It's 1200 points for the big basket, 1600 points for the medium-sized one and 2000 points for the smaller target and they had three rounds to collect as many points as possible.

At the end of round one, Team Rest of the World led 0-1600 - thanks to Kante's brilliant efforts.


At the end of the second round, it was effectively game over despite Hazard’s 1600 points they trailed 1600-4800.

But round three saw the Belgians perform brilliantly with Hazard, Courtois and Batshuayi all scoring points to put them 6000-4800 ahead.

And it was down to Chalobah to prevent the comeback and he did so in expert fashion with a brilliant 2000 pointer to win the game 6800-6000.

After the match, David Luis - who was looking on jealously throughout - had a go himself a scored a cheeky 1200 points. Not bad.

We wish that we could have a go and show these Chelsea stars how it's done.

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