Tom Brady is going to make big money with an awesome autograph event

Tom Brady is primed to rake in a serious payday with the swipe of his hand and an endless supply of Sharpies at his disposal. 

The five-time NFL champion will be taking part in a huge one-time private signing event, featuring a huge array of memorabilia packages to commemorate an unforgettable Super Bowl LI victory.

If you’re ready to own a piece of Tom Brady, New England Patriots and NFL history, it’ll cost you. The lowest tier item — an autographed trading card — costs $499. Things escalate quickly from there.

That beautiful autographed Tom Brady jersey will set you back a cool $1,199, but it would be a crown jewel in any sports memorabilia collection.

The full event, promoted through Tristar, is currently taking orders and will be open until a deadline of March 15.

Here’s the full menu, via Tristar:

Considering Brady signed a massive $60 million deal with the Patriots last March — which he immediately paid back by way of another title — that’s but a drop in the bucket. 

His wife Gisselle Bundchen’s estimated $30.6 million annual earnings dwarf all of the above, of course. Things are going well for Touchdown Tom.

The signing event is a unique opportunity, though, and for any collector who has the means to do it, why not?

Coming back from a 28-3 halftime deficit in the stunning way the Patriots did was a defining sports moment. It was a generational championship game that deserves a special place on the wall.

Considering it’s also a moment where Brady’s resume just added another bullet point with his fourth Super Bowl MVP trophy, what better time than now? 

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