Baron Corbin destroys Dean Ambrose on Smackdown Live


Following his vicious attack on the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose in the Elimination Chamber, Baron Corbin refused to relent on Smackdown.

Corbin snapped following his elimination on Sunday and then saw to it that the man who eliminated him, would also not be winning.

Paying the price.

After being responsible for his demise on Sunday, Ambrose came to Smackdown on the hunt for the Lone Wolf.


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He would however find his former friend James Ellsworth, who would defend Carmella when Ambrose insulted her.

This would lead to Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan booking the two of them in a match for later on in the show.

Ambrose however would never make that match, as it appears that he found the Lone Wolf.

Ambrose would be dragged out to the stage by Corbin who would proceed to beat the Lunatic Fringe down in front of the crowd.

Ambrose would put up as good a fight as he could, but it was no match for the brute force of the Lone Wolf.

Eventually delivering Deep Six through a table to Ambrose, the Intercontinental Champion was left laying by Corbin for the second time in a week.

Corbin was relentless with Ambrose on Sunday and continued that on Smackdown as his path continues to hint at an Intercontinental Championship match against Ambrose.

With WrestleMania less than two months away, Ambrose and Corbin may have to wait a while until they can get into the ring together.

But given Corbin's comments in an interview later on Smackdown, he may not be looking to get in the ring with Ambrose as he may believe that his score is settled.

Corbin would go on to claim that he isn't the WWE Champion because of Ambrose and now Ambrose is on his way to the hospital because of Corbin.

This rivalry could easily extend to WrestleMania and could see Corbin challenging for Ambrose's title in Orlando.

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