Conor McGregor asks for disciplinary rehearing from Nevada Athletic Commission

As part of Conor McGregor’s “business trip” to Las Vegas, the UFC star met with the Nevada Athletic Commission, but not for the reason fighting fans might think.

The Irish fighter asked for a re-hearing in his disciplinary case stemming from his UFC 202 weigh-in feud with Nate Diaz, which led to an incident outside in which water bottles were thrown.

McGregor was issued a $75,000 fine for his role in the incident and also given 50 hours of community service, but Diaz was only fined $50,000 in addition to 50 hours of community service.

According to, the NAC will put McGregor’s request up for a vote at its next meeting on March 22.

McGregor will likely argue that his penalty should match what Diaz received for the incident, since both parties deserve a share of the blame.

So, while this is an important step in getting McGregor cleared for action in Nevada, it’s not exactly what many fighting fans were hoping for when it was reported that the UFC star was meeting with the NAC.

The report did mention that the topic of McGregor’s Nevada boxing license came up during the meeting, but it wasn’t the focal point and there is no immediate action being taken in that regard.

However, getting back in the NAC’s good graces is an important step for McGregor if he ever wants to make the fight with Mayweather a reality.

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