Samoa Joe trolls Seth Rollins and his fans with holiday tweet


Samoa Joe’s introduction to the main WWE roster has been full of interesting moments including a character change and instant heel heat as the man who injured Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns also ended up on the losing end of the first match with the Raw newcomer and fans aren’t quite sure what to make of his character so far.

Fans are certain of one thing though, they are holding him personally responsible for what happened to Rollins and have used social media channels to voice their displeasure.

Their hatred is returned in kind by the Alliance’s hired muscle as he tweaks fans on Twitter constantly for their feelings about his actions in regards to The Architect.

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, he took a moment out to pen a poem for all those on Twitter who were still mad about the attack that scuttled one of the most popular rumoured matches for WrestleMania.

Joe has no problem being the bad guy and is fully leaning into the change of character and attire that his introduction to the Raw brand has laid out for him.

The Destroyer also attacked Sami Zayn on Raw this week in a similar manner to the one that he took out Rollins and the two look to be forming a feud as competitors from NXT that have found themselves in bigger WWE programming.

This won’t be the last time that the newest Raw signee takes aim at fans on Twitter and it probably won’t be the last confrontation between Zayn and Joe either as there is no love lost between those two.

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