Focused Conor McGregor continues to provoke Floyd Mayweather to fight

Will they or won’t they continues to be one of the hottest topics in sports.

It appears they will… certainly if Conor McGregor’s tongue has anything to say about it.

The UFC star is doing anything he can publicly to get Floyd Mayweather in the ring, and this week he spit hot fire to a magazine to continue his provocation.

The MMA star is highlighted on the spring issue of GQ Style, but it’s inside the pages where the hottest material can be found.

What seemed once like a longshot, it seems like McGregor and Mayweather may meet someday soon in the ring.

If that’s the case, McGregor had an interesting prediction of where Mayweather’s head might end up.

“He’s 40 years of age. He’s a little…he’s got a little head on him. Honestly, my fist is bigger than his head. I sleep people. I put people unconscious. I’m stating facts. If I hit that man, his head is gonna go into the bleachers. You understand that? If I crack that little head of his, it’s gonna go clean off his shoulders and up into the bleachers.”

McGregor says he can knock out the fighters that Mayweather tops in decisions — “It’s already done,” he promises — and that boxing is in his future — “I’m pursuing that, and nobody can stop me from pursuing that.”

All the while, McGregor seems to be stealing “Money” Mayweather’s act a little: Spending $27,000 at the Los Angeles Dolce & Gabbana store and needing to go take a coffee break while the store workers pack up all his purchases.

He’s raised the bar in style and swagger for his home country of Ireland, as GQ states, with young boys all dressing nicely, bearded and looking for a fight.

“They all want to be me a little. That’s a Drake line. All them boys want to be me a little. And it’s true as f**k,” McGregor says in the article.

“I mean, I don’t blame them. If I wasn’t me, I’d want to be me, too.”

He’s trying to take down one of America’s biggest alphas next.

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