Conor Benn rips into both Chris Eubank Jr & Sr to ignite old Benn/Eubank rivalry


Back in the 1990s, Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank waged war on each other and had two enthralling middleweight bouts that helped bring British boxing back to life.

Now, both men have sons who are finding their way in the boxing world.

Chris Eubank Jr is the IBO super-middleweight champion and the 27-year-old appears on the cusp of featuring in major world title fights.

Conor Benn is a 20-year-old welterweight in the infancy of his career having only had six fights thus far. He was won all six with four knockouts, three of which came in the first round.

With around 13 pounds between the two men, it is unlikely we will see a renewal of the Benn-Eubank rivalry in the ring in the near future, but Benn is happy to ignite the bad blood outside of the ring.

“I watched about four rounds of his last fight then fell asleep” says Benn of Eubank Jr’s recent victory against Renold Quinlan.

Benn only has 15 rounds as a professional to his name so far, and Eddie Hearn has the delicate task of building his career from exciting young, but inexperienced talent to credible challenger.

The promoter had the same task with Eubank Jr until recently and appeared to have secured him a huge fight with Gennady Golovkin last year, only for Next Gen to fail to sign the contract.

Chris Eubank V Nigel Benn

Kell Brook - someone of a benchmark at welterweight for Benn - would step in and take his place, and fallout of that has seen Eubank Sr move his son away from Hearn’s Matchroom stable and its lucrative tie-in with Sky television, to a brand new ITV box office platform.

Questioning the wisdom of a man who still makes his way to the ring to his own music for his son's fights is perfectly reasonable, and Benn has done just that when talking to The Independent.

“I don't know what to make of it really,” says Benn. “Are they both deluded? Is it mind games or are they trying to get people talking? His dad is basically ruining his career. He [Junior] could have made six million by now.

Boxing at Manchester Arena

"If my dad messed that up for me I’d be like; ‘listen dad, me and you are falling out mate.’ But my dad is cool. My dad’s sick, whereas Eubank’s dad is an absolute t***. It’s as if his son doesn't realise it.”

The Destroyer is not the first man to question the Eubanks' working relationship, and he won't be the last.

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