Patriots star Malcolm Butler is having a movie made of his life

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are floating on cloud 9 right now, as their furious and amazing rally from a 25-point deficit in the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons is still anyone can talk about. On top of that, many Patriots are reaping the benefits of the massive amount of attention from the game.

Specifically, Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler is about to be under the spotlight in a big way, but his fame began back when he was the hero of Super Bowl XLIX. In case you don't remember, Butler intercepted Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on the goal line in order to lock up the team's Super Bowl victory.

Now, Butler's life story is actually being turned into a biopic called 'The Secondary,' according to Tatiana Siegel of the Hollywood Reporter.

As for what the story will actually be about, Siegel points out that it's going to follow Butler's journey from "running the fryolator at Popeyes to becoming the team's star cornerback." The story, in general, has the potential to turn into a pretty awesome sports movie, especially because Butler's meteoric rise truly came out of nowhere.

The Patriots CB was undrafted out of West Alabama in 2014 and after hardly playing that season, he wound up putting together an impressive 2015 campaign. It was complete with 67 combined tackles, 15 passes defensed, two interceptions and a Pro Bowl selection. He only improved once again in 2016, upping his tackles (63), passes defensed (17) and interceptions (4).

Not only is the success from Butler something worth raving about (and apparently being shown on the big screen), but a pay raise is also expected in the very near future for him. There's no release date or much info in terms of when the actual movie will be done, but it's a safe bet Patriots fans will be anxiously awaiting it.

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