Julian Edelman has strong words for his critics

Julius Edelman is still riding the high of an incredible Super Bowl LI performance, and nothing will bring down the shifty slot receiver after capturing his second title.

Edelman’s ability to play outside of the New England Patriots’ system has been a point critics — most notably NFL dignitary Keyshawn Johnson — since he was drafted into the Bill Belichick regime in 2009. 

He’s since notched two seasons with 1,000 receiving yards, two championships, and stats aside, came up with one of the most incredible catches in Super Bowl history just a few short weeks ago. 

“People are going to say what they’re going to say. I’m not worried what people are saying. Because when they’re talking about [my size or labeling me], I just got my second Super Bowl,” Edelman said on NFL.com’s Oklahoma Drill.

“I’m just focusing on trying to make myself a better player. But, you know, everyone has a right to their opinion.”

Considering all Edelman has to do to end any conversation about his accomplishments is play a six-second clip of a single catch to end any and all arguments, it’s hard to fault him for ignoring the noise. 

The 5’10 dynamic wideout has always found a way to make up for what may lack in size with effort, and titles are the only proof he needs of his process working. 

Edelman opened up in the interview about how becoming a father for the first time a few months ago has changed his life perspective for the better. Be sure to check out the whole thing on NFL.com.

A title, a daughter, and an unforgettable moment in sports history all in the span of a few months.

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