5 NFL stars who could be cut sooner than later

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings

Like any professional sports league, the NFL is not only a "prove it" league, but it's something where you'll find that often times, it may just come down to the numbers.

Whether it's a big cap hit or a large amount of money due to a player, certain times a team just has to choose to move on from a high-profile player. Unfortunately for the five players listed below, they could all be either looking at new homes or re-signing with their current team at a major discount next season.

Let's kick things off with the biggest name not only on this list but in the entire NFL.

Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Peterson is set to get paid a whopping $18 million next season. That's an unreal amount for any running back, and it's almost a lock that he won't be with the Vikings next season. Plus, the major knee injury and the fact that he's now hit the dreaded age of 30 (for NFL running backs) doesn't help his cause.

Tyrod Taylor, QB, Buffalo Bills

To clarify, Taylor is a good NFL quarterback. He's not great, at least not yet, but he's pretty good. Unfortunately, the Bills seem almost destined to go in another direction, as he has a price tag close to $16 million next season. Wherever he signs next will come along with a strong deal and a lot of money, but the Bills likely won't pay him what he's due next year.

Mario Williams, DE, Miami Dolphins

When the Dolphins signed Williams, they were hoping they had landed an elite pass rusher. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out to be the case, and he's due $8.5 million next season. For the Dolphins, it doesn't make sense to keep the 32-year-old rusher around, especially after a season in which he tallied just 1.5 sacks.

Russell Okung, LT, Denver Broncos

Okung signed a team-friendly deal last offseason, and it's left him in a spot to potentially get cut. He's due over $10 million this year, and while Okung isn't a bad player, that's a hefty price tag for a player who's not exceptional. He may hang around, but the team could use that money in quite a few other places.

Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After signing a new contract last offseason to remain with the Buccaneers, he's not only run to issues on the field but off it as well. He's due $7 million this coming season and was dealt a four-game suspension. Don't expect to see Martin back in Tampa Bay next season.

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