Florentin Pogba unveils crazy new hairstyle ahead of Man Utd v Saint-Etienne

  • Rob Swan

On Thursday night, Paul Pogba will go head-to-head against his older brother, Florentin, for the first time in a competitive match.

Manchester United host Saint-Etienne at Old Trafford and it promises to be a difficult watch for their mother, Yeo, in particular.

“It's not going to be easy for her, but at the same time what a fantastic and proud moment for her, to see her two sons playing out there,” Florentin was quoted as saying by the Mirror on Wednesday. “Maybe the best result for her will be a draw, but we'll be going all out to get what we can out of the game.

“But either way, whichever son wins, I guess she's going to be happy in some respect.

“Obviously these things don't happen very often in a player's career, the chance to see her two sons playing against each other.

“So she'll be here and at the return leg too. She can't lose really, can she?

“It's going to be a fantastic night for her and a moment of real joy for her, watching both of her boys play."


Florentin: I beat Paul at table tennis!

Florentin may feel he had the edge over his younger brother and not just because he’s the older sibling. On the previous occasion they went head-to-head at a sport, it was Florentin who ended up teaching Paul a lesson.

"I beat him at table tennis,” the 26-year-old defender was quoted as saying by Goal. “After that we did not play other sports together.

"[We have joked together] right from the draw, but since then we have remained focused on what we should do with our teams.


"After tomorrow evening [Thursday], we will swap shirts and it will be a wonderful moment, magical.

"There is only excitement, not anxiety. In a legendary stadium and against my little brother, there is nothing more beautiful for me."

Florentin's new hair cut is pretty crazy

And you can tell he’s excited because of his unorthodox new hair style.

We’re used to seeing Paul doing outrageous things to his hair and now we know where he gets his inspiration from.

Florentin has decided to get both his squad number (19) and Paul’s United shirt number (6) shaved into each side of his head.

Check it out…

"The 19 is my squad number and the six is for him," Florentin explained. "I hope he and I enjoy it the best we can.”

Paul might be outshone by his bro in the hairstyle stakes, but he’ll be determined to get one other his older sibling out on the pitch.

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