Punter costs Sky Bet £350,000 with outrageous #RequestABet


You can bet on pretty much anything these days where football is concerned.

From which team takes the kick-off to the amount of corners there will be, you can put your money on almost everything imaginable.

But Sky Bet have stepped things up a notch recently by establishing a #RequestABet feature.

This allows any customer to request a number of different things that will happen in an upcoming match and getting a combined odds.

For example, you could ask Sky Bet to price up for there to be over 12 corners, over four yellow cards and over 3 goals in a certain match.

Or you could be more specific like Max Reid was before the Champions League clash between Bayern Munich and Arsenal.

Max asked Sky Bet to price up Robert Lewandowski to score a header and Arsenal to miss a penalty. The betting company obviously thought this was incredibly unrealistic and gave him odds of 400/1.

But, when Sanchez missed his spot-kick in the 30th minute before scoring the rebound, Sky Bet must have been fearing the worst.


Then, eight minutes into the second-half, Lewandowski got his head on a Philipp Lahm cross to make it 2-1 to the home side.

Max had just won £2000 after sticking £5 on his request but little did he know the damage he had just done to Sky Bet.

After counting their losses, they revealed that particular #RequestABet alone cost them the best part of £350,000.


So, thanks to Max, plenty of others put a couple of quid on his outrageous shout and were left counting their winnings.

Well played.

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