Eugenie Bouchard's Super Bowl date goes better than expected


In one of sports more bizarre stories, Eugenie Bouchard agreed to go on a date with a fan who bet her that if the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, whilst they were looking down and out, she would have to go on a date with him.

She was good for her word, and the two enjoyed a night out in New York at the basketball.

The Sports Illustrated swimwear model and tennis star told Sports Illustrated at the time of the bet that she was looking forward to their date, despite initial ill-feelings.

She said: “I want to honor my word and stay true to it, so I’m going on that date and that’s actually tonight.

"We’re going to go to the Brooklyn Nets game. He’s flying in this afternoon, so I look forward to meeting him tonight and I hope he enjoys it. And I hope it’s not too awkward.

“After all the media attention it got, it was something I could, first of all, not back out of. There was no chance.

“I was worried, however, when I looked at his Twitter profile as soon as I lost the bet and his profile picture was a picture of Tiger Woods. I was like, ‘It’s one of those Twitter fans. I don’t even know what he looks like. What is going to happen?"

It turns out, that despite her initial feelings, the pair really enjoyed their date.

Bouchard told TMZ, whilst on the date that they had had a great time: "It has been awesome, he's normal.


"I planned the date. He picked me up at my hotel like a gentleman, then we came over here, he brought me a nice little gift and he enjoyed the game courtside.

"I'm lucky he's normal.

"For sure [there will be a second date]".

So what started out as a stupid bet on Twitter has the chance of blossoming into a real relationship, I bet the guy who made the bet can't believe his luck!

All he had to say on the date was this: "Very good - the best date ever".

And now it's all going to happen again, maybe we should touch this guy before buying lottery tickets? He's extremely lucky.

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