Ajax comically denied clear goal in Europa League clash with Legia Warsaw

Many are still confused as to what the goal line officials in European games offer, and after Thursday night they will be sure to come in for more criticism.

Earlier on Thursday the Football League announced that they would be introducing goal line technology and follow the lead taken by the Premier League.

But UEFA are still refusing to get with the times, sticking with the extra personnel, and Dutch giants Ajax will have every right to feel aggrieved with the lack of tech.

Ajax travelled to Poland to play out a goalless draw with Legia on Thursday but could have come away with a valuable away goal advantage had things gone their way.

A good move on the left was finished off with a close-range shot that was fumbled by the goalkeeper.

He seemed to have it under control, but his slippery handiwork saw the ball creep over the line, which was viewable to the cameras from their higher vantage point.

However, the keeper’s body was blocking the view of the goal line assistant, and he missed the ball creeping over the line, so didn’t give the goal.


As you can see, the ball quite clearly passes the line, and had the official been standing on the other side of the posts he would have seen it.

As yet, it’s unknown whether Ajax will make a formal complaint, but it would be worth their time if they did, as UEFA need to get on board with the technological gravy train.

Technology has already proved a success in England, and after howlers like this UEFA may start to feel the pressure to jump in on it, too.

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