Hilarious footage of Paul Pogba's brother Mathias playing for Wrexham emerges

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is probably the most famous footballer in the world right now, and he is certainly the most expensive one.

After putting on a passing masterclass against his brother Florentin and Saint-Etienne in the Europa League last night, the French international is showing signs of why Man United splashed over £89 million on him last summer.

However, Paul is the youngest of the Pogba litter and he has two older twin brothers, both of whom are professional footballers.

As mentioned earlier, Florentin plays for French side Saint-Etienne as a left-back. He caused quite a stir at Old Trafford on Thursday when his quick change of direction left Zlatan Ibrahimovic on his backside.

Other than that though, he exited the game with cramp in the 79th minute.

Some English fans may be familiar with his twin, Mathias.

Seeing as Florentin is a defender and Paul is a midfielder, it would only make sense Mathias operates as a striker to complete the set.

Mathias has played for Wrexham, Crawely and Crewe in the English leagues and currently turns out for Sparta Rotterdam in Holland, a team he scored for on his debut this season.

However, ahead of his brothers’ clash at Old Trafford in the Europa League, footage emerged of the third Pogba playing for Wrexham a few years ago.

But it’s not the kind of highlight reel his youngest brother produces. No, far from it. Instead, it shows Mathias bringing the ball to the edge of the box before hitting nothing but air and falling over.

It makes David Dunn’s famous clip look decent.

Mathias was in the crowd for the clash between United and Saint-Etienne sporting a half-and-half jersey made up out of the two teams. Although that’s normally a crime for football fans, seeing as his mother wore similar attire for the special occasion, we’ll let him off.

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