WWE planning big main event push for SmackDown Live superstar

WWE SummerSlam Press Conference

Dean Ambrose’s feud with Baron Corbin has become a normal part of WWE programming as the two have had run-ins on Smackdown and in the Elimination Chamber recently.

Corbin went absolutely ballistic after being eliminated on Sunday and made sure that the man responsible would not be taking home the WWE championship.

Ambrose didn’t take those acts of aggression laying down, instead he entered Tuesday night intent on bringing the Lone Wolf to his knees.

After a nasty run in with a table, the Intercontinental Champion ended up on the losing end of another altercation and the table is set for a title match at WrestleMania.

Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer has noted that Corbin has been hand selected by the WWE brass and is in the process of gearing up for a big push to the top contenders on SmackDown.

A big win at 'Mania would be a huge stepping stone for the Lone Wolf to be accepted as a legitimate threat by the fans after these repeated incidents.

The big wave of promotion is already in motion and the company’s writers have placed a lot of faith in Corbin’s potential.

One way he can repay on their investment is with a big match at the biggest event of the year in Orlando.

Someone might want to let Ambrose know, because it’s very unlikely that he will just roll over and let his opponent get swept up towards top billing at his expense.

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