WWE fan favourite proposes big-time booking suggestion for Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe’s first few weeks on the main WWE roster have already started turning the heads of fans and spectators who wonder what storyline he will be involved in first.

After taking out Roman Reigns in his first match on Raw, the heel potential for the flagship programs newest signee has never been higher.

The Destroyer has truly made fans bristle at his attitude and assaults of other superstars including the controversial attack on Seth Rollins.

Bubba Ray Dudley has been watching intently from outside of the ring and he thinks that the newcomer’s biggest opportunity for a huge match rests with an established star, one who is a longstanding face that almost everyone loves.

He wants to see Samoa Joe face John Cena in the ring as a huge battle at a later date. The 16-time WWE champion and the superstar most likely to become the biggest heel in the entire promotion is something the fans could get behind.

This effort could be enhanced by The Destroyer taking out another well-liked superstar or even doing some sort of harm to The Leader of the Cenation himself.

All of this would set in motion a long storyline culminating in one of the most emotionally charged matches in recent memory.

One has to wonder if the WWE creative team is already thinking the exact same thing in their offices right now. If so, this is a match that they could have in their back pocket for a large event if the need arises.

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