Watch: Tom Brady throws victory parade for his dogs

A Triumphant Celebration With Living Legend, Tom Brady

If you don’t already “like” Tom Brady on Facebook, do yourself a favor and fix that.

Not only is Brady arguably the best quarterback of all-time, but he also might be the best athlete to follow on social media.

During the NFL season, he regularly posts absurd Photoshopped pictures poking fun at his teammates and opponents and consistently gives fans a glimpse into his seemingly extraordinary life.

Other than wife Giselle and his kids, Brady’s love for his dogs is obvious. In fact, many of his Facebook posts have involved his previous pooches over the years.

Since they obviously couldn’t celebrate with the rest of the family, No. 12 had to get a bit creative.

The results were hilarious. Check out the video Brady posted below.

Dogs plus confetti plus ridiculous footage of the celebratory parade equals gold.

While the pups didn’t look very pleased to be involved in the making of the video, Brady’s video (which happened to be an ad for the mattress that the dogs were on) yet again resulted in laughs.

This came just days after Brady posted a Pokemon card of himself.

It's always fun to see athletes poke fun at themselves once in a while. 

The Patriots quarterback continues to win, both on and off the field.

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