Watch: A very surprising person wants to help the Westbrook/Durant drama

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

The drama between Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is more than well-documented at this point. The two don't just have some serious beef, they also have no interest in talking to each other either.

It's not hard to understand why the two aren't getting along exactly swimmingly, as Durant chose to leave the Thunder this past offseason, without even so much as a phone call to Westbrook. That came after the two built an electrifying offense in Oklahoma City over their eight years together.

So, now the two don't even talk, and the drama hit an all-time high when the teams met back on February 11 in Oklahoma City, a game where Durant and the Warriors rolled to a 130-114 victory. Now, Durant and Westbrook are both on the Western Conference All-Star team together, and the most unsuspecting person wants to end the awkwardness.

Via Fan Sports Clips:

Yes, that would be Warriors forward Draymond Green who wants to end the awkwardness between Durant and Curry. The same Green who's known widely as the enforcer of the Warriors. Here's exactly what he had to say:

“I don’t necessarily want to mediate it. I just don’t want any awkwardness in the locker room. We’re here to have fun, we’re All-Stars, let’s have a great time. I’m not gonna mediate anything, but I would like to help get rid of the awkwardness.”

Now, before we all get really excited and think that Green wants to fix everything between the two players, he did say that he just wants to eliminate the awkwardness. Even still, this definitely counts as Green being willing to step up and help out here.

Unfortunately, we're all probably a bit crazy if we think that this is ever going to happen. Hey, it's all part of the fun of the All-Star weekend.

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