Jamie Carragher humiliates Gary Neville with hilarious birthday message

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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville really are like an old married couple.

Whether it's live on Sky Sports or on social media, the legendary pair love nothing more than embarrassing each other at any given opportunity.

Neville's failed spell as Valencia manager is quite often the butt of Carragher's jokes, while Liverpool's lack of recent success is ammo for Neville.

Sometimes it gets personal, too. Just last week, Neville posted a picture on Instagram of himself getting a haircut, which Carragher commented on saying: "See if she can take a bit off your nose."

Ouch. All's fair in love and war where the Sky Sports duo are concerned, but it's all in jest.

Today is Neville's 42nd birthday and to mark the occasion, Carragher sent the Manchester United legend a hilarious birthday message on Twitter.

Alongside the caption "Happy Birthday @GNev2", Carragher attached a rather humiliating picture of Neville and his brother, Phil, holding lollipops to each other's mouths.

Trust me when I say, no one is beating this birthday message from Carragher (see below).

How embarrassing. The Neville brothers are clearly very young in the picture, but why on earth are they feeding each other lollipops?

No doubt Gary will get his ownback on Carragher at some point in the near future, but for now, it's the Liverpool legend who is winning their war.

Mocking each other clearly works for the former England pair given how successful they've become on Sky Sports.

Even Neville has previously admitted how they get on much better now than they did as players.

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"We get along fine... now," he said on Monday Night Football last November. "Him being Mr. Liverpool, if you'd said ten years ago we'd have a bi-weekly show together, I'd have said no chance.

"We get on very well. I found I could say things he didn't like and he could say things I didn't like and then you'd forget about it and move on. That's key.

"Sometimes with pundits, you can see they are not willing to have an argument, they are frightened of upsetting each other."

And long may it continue.

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