Kyrie Irving questions dinosaurs and doubles down on 'Earth is flat' theory

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Kyrie Irving made the news this week because of his thoughts on the shape of the Earth, but this isn't the only topic he doesn't believe scientist are accurate on.

Speaking to ESPN writer Arash Markazi, the Cleveland Cavaliers star talked about what he said on a podcast ran by fellow teammates Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson, where he said he believes the Earth is, in fact, flat, and not round.

As well as doubling down on his theory that the Earth is flat, he also said that he believes scientists have got it all wrong when it comes down to what dinosaurs actually looked like when they were alive.

He said: "They find one bone and they make up 98-percent of it (the dinosaur) digitally of what they should look like."

On doubling down on his 'the Earth is flat' theory, Irving said: “I think people should do their own research. Hopefully, they’ll either back my belief or throw it in the water.”

It's one thing to question science, that's something many scientists would actually encourage because it can actually lead to new developments, but it's pretty tough to deny that the Earth is round when we have pictures and people that have seen it's spherical.

Also, when archaeologists have discovered bones and have been able to piece together skeletons of prehistoric animals and link them back accurately to animals living today, it's hard to disprove that dinosaurs didn't look a certain way as it would go against their bone structure.

Unless we send Irving into outer space to see the Earth and back in time to see the dinosaurs, he'll probably keep on believing his theories about them.

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