Watch: Brandon Armstrong nails James Harden imitation in celebrity game

2017 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Brandon Armstrong has made a name for himself on the internet, mimicking the styles of NBA superstars on social media.

On Friday night, he took his act to All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.

The NBA impersonator also acted like a pretty good baller himself, earning MVP honors during the celebrity game. He scored 16 points and had 15 rebounds as the East topped the West, 88-59.

Armstrong's best moment of the game came when he donned the James Harden jersey and did an impression of "The Beard."

He did a pretty good impression of Harden's patented "Eurostep," adding a little bit of extra flavor for emphasis.

West team coach Michael Smith, an ESPN broadcaster, lost it after the obvious travel, but hey, it's all fun and games at the celebrity game.

Armstrong played in college at Lincoln Memorial in Tennessee and played professionally in Spain. He also played for a bit in the NBA's D-League, but has gained fame by his videos on Twitter through his handle @BdotAdot5.

Check out his full Harden video here:

Armstrong has all sorts of great videos (you can find them in the 'Likes' section of his Twitter page), but I'm partial to the Tim Duncan video.

He pretty much nails the impression of the now-retired former San Antonio Spurs superstar.

If you aren't familiar with Brandon's work, carve out some time and check out these videos as a perfect All-Star Weekend primer to Sunday's All-Star Game in New Orleans.

Armstrong says he's not sure if his competitive basketball career is over, but his videos have caused an internet sensation. He has appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and campaigned to get into the celebrity game.

Whatever's in his future, though, he should continue to be a staple for celebrity games, as long as the material stays fresh.

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