The police trolled Manchester City hard on Twitter

Huddersfield Town v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round

Football rivalry is a great thing. When it doesn't spill into violence it can spawn some outstanding jokes and moments of absolute magic.

Sometimes the police do get involved, and on this occasion they've done so in the most hilarious way possible.

Last week, Manchester United played host to French side Saint Etienne in the Europa League, and saw Manchester city centre become awash with green as the away side brought a healthy following with them.

This week sees the city play host to another set of French fans with Monaco making their way to the Etihad to take on Pep Guardiola's side.

The police now have a big presence on social media, with some sections even having tailored accounts specifically for football.

These frequently act as a way of letting fans know if access to the ground is going to be disrupted, amongst other things, and when they posted a Tweet about City's upcoming clash with Monaco, they seemed to throw in a bit of shade, too.

Posting early on Saturday afternoon they said: "AS Monaco at Man City on Tues night for those who need a bit more time to plan. Not expected to be as busy as St Etienne, but you never know"

A number of fans of other clubs (namely United) jumped on the Tweet and added their own humour to it, fully taking the opportunity to have a dig at City themselves.

The police later posted another Tweet to reassure City and their fans that they weren't actually trying to troll them.

"Insp S - you may not believe me, but I absolutely wasn't trolling City fans! It was about fewer away fans expected to travel...honestly!!" they said.

The three dots kinda gave it away, though.

But in the police's defence, Monaco's home games frequently look like they're played in front of Sunday league crowds, so there is a case for giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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