Seth Rogen reveals that he could have had a career in rugby

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It always seems so surprising that actors and actresses did something else before they made the big time.

Yet, a whole list of celebrities with a history of playing sports at school or college has emerged and is increasing by the interview.

The latest addition (via spoke about his involvement in high school rugby, and apparently Seth Rogen had quite a knack for the sport.

It was while he was filming the hit TV-series Freaks&Geeks that he got down and dirty on the field in Vancouver, where American Football is apparently not as popular as in other parts of the country.

Speaking to rapper Tyler, The Creator, Rogen described himself as “a big dude” that “played rugby” and “smoked a tonne of weed” dubbing himself a “pot-head-rugby-stand-up-comedian.”

For certain fans of the sport, it would seem utterly pointless that Rogen played the sport at such a junior level, however, it’s the symbolic gesture behind it that one of Canada’s top-ranked celebrities in recent times had taken a liking to it.

Who knows, if he did not go on to a career in acting, with his towering build and a desire to play, Seth Rogen may just have ended up a professional Rugby prop for a top tier team.

Do you think Seth Rogen could have made it in Rugby? Or did he do the right thing by pursuing acting instead? Have your say in the comments section.

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