Watch: Durant and Westbrook had a super awkward encounter at ASG

NBA All-Star Game 2017 - Practice

To this point in 2017 All-Star weekend, there's been nothing quite as awkward as seeing anything relating to Golden State Warriors F Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder G Russell Westbrook.

Don't worry, we all understand why. The drama between Durant and Westbrook probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but as you can imagine, pretty much every move these two make is getting caught on camera. That's why their encounter, or lack of encounter, was so uncomfortable to watch below the arena on Saturday morning. It wasn't just uncomfortable, it was downright painful to witness.

Via Chris Haynes of ESPN:

So, so incredibly brutal, just bad. The worst part of all is that nothing even happened aside from the two obviously being fully aware that the other one was there, and doing everything possible not to have to acknowledge each other.

Durant literally dodged Westbrook. He fully made sure to move completely out of the way and look the other direction as well. To go along with that, we all saw that quick little look that Westbrook shot over in Durant's direction, even if it was only for a second. As the All-Star Game approaches, one has to wonder if these two have even fully looked at each other. Better yet, will they even pass the ball to each other if they're in the game together?

The safe bet on that is probably no, but more than likely Steve Kerr, coach of the Western Conference, would probably be better off just keeping these two off the court at the same time. But, the fans would hate that, and everyone truly wants to see what the outcome of these two playing together on the West would look like, even if it's a total disaster.

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